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The PARCA Perspective

February 2015 - PARCA Annual Meeting and Survey Garner Statewide Attention

January 2015 - Budgeting in Alabama: How Corrections, Medicaid, and Education are Improving the Process


December 2014 - The Results are In! How Did Alabama Students Fare?

November 2014 - The State of Alabama’s Budgets

October 2014 - The PARCA Quarterly: Alabama’s Ailing General Fund

August 2014 – Obstacles Into Opportunities: Economic Impact and the High School Graduation Rate

July 2014 - Government Services Go Digital: Alabama Making Improvements

June 2014 - PARCA Brings Education to the Forefront this Summer

May 2014 - What Can We Learn from the Alabama Reading and Math Test (ARMT)?

April 2014 - Alabama’s Tax Bargain

March 2014 - New PARCA Blog Unveiled

February 2014 - Workforce Development: A Pathway to Progress and The 2014 PARCA Survey: Education and Aspirations. (Survey Toplines availablehere.)

January 2014 – PARCA Annual Meeting Preview

December 2013 - Alabama Gov't Makes Strides in Technology Efficiency

November 2013 - 2013 NAEP Results Show Alabama Lagging Behind

October 2013 - Alabama's First Class Pre-K Program

September 2013 - How Alabama's Taxes Compare

August 2013 - PARCA Points Way to $2 Million Savings for Baldwin County Schools





July 2013 - Alabama Road and Bridge Indicators 2013

June 2013 - Municipal Misstatements Focus of SEC Enforcement

May 2013 - PARCA Aids Birmingham City Schools

April 2013 - Taking Stock of Alabama's Tax Burden

March 2013 - Fixing, not Fleeing Alabama's Schools

February 2013 - High School Graduation Rates

January 2013 - PARCA Annual Report, 2013 Meeting


December 2012 - Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers

November 2012 - Closing the Gap in AL Schools

October 2012 - Constitutional Amendment Analysis

September 2012 - Municipal Finance Comparison

August 2012 - Alabama's Economic Outlook

July 2012 - September 18th Constitutional Amendment

June 2012 - Alabama Pension Funding

May 2012 - How Jefferson County's Finances Compare

April 2012 - Are Alabama's Children College Ready?

March 2012 - Mapping Federal Dollars for Alabama

February 2012 - Alabama's Business Tax Climate

January 2012 - 2012 PARCA Annual Survey


December 2011 - Map Indicates Change in Alabama

November 2011 - Homegrown Alabama

October 2011 - Think Green with the PARCA Quarterly

September 2011 - New Report Ranks Alabama's Sales Taxes

August 2011 - PARCA Looks at Crime in Alabama

The PARCA Quarterly

Spring 2015 2015 PARCA Survey - State Policy Challenges

Winter 2015 Moving from Balancing to Budgeting

Fall 2014 Alabama's Ailing General Fund: Medicaid and Corrections

Summer 2014 Obstacles Into Opportunities

Spring 2014 What Can We Learn from the Alabama Reading and Math Test (ARMT)?

Winter 2014 Workforce Development: A Pathway to Progress

Fall 2013 How Alabama's Taxes Compare

Summer 2013 Municipal Misstatements Now a Focus of SEC Enforcement

Spring 2013 PARCA Survey 2013: Public Opinion in Alabama

Winter 2013 Moving Families Forward in Alabama

Fall 2012 Municipal Finance Comparison for Alabama's Largest Cities

Summer 2012 September 18th Constutional Amendment Vote

Spring 2012 Are Alabama's Children College Ready?

Winter 2012 PARCA Survey 2012: Fiscall Challenges and State Government

Fall 2011 A Performance Report on Alabama Reading and Math Test Results

Summer 2011 Introducing Alabama Indicators, PARCA Projects Underway, PARCA Quarterly Online

Spring 2011 PARCA Survey 2011: National Fiscal Challenges; Overview of The Moment of Truth: Report of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform; Organizing State Government to Manage its own Performance

Winter 2011 PARCA Survey 2011: Fiscal Challenges and State Government

Fall 2010 Statewide Trends in Reading and Math Test Results, 2005 - 2010

Summer 2010 Municipal Finance Comparison for Alabama's Largest Cities

Spring 2010 A Profile of Alabama’s Counties; Improving Local Government in Alabama's Metropolitan Areas

Winter 2010 Public Opinion on the Major Issues in Alabama Politics

Fall 2009 How Alabama Taxes Compare

Summer 2009 Examining Trends in School Performance

Spring 2009 Alabama Road and Bridge Indicators, 2007 - 2008

Winter 2009 Public Opinion and the State Budget Shortfall, Proration in 2009, Proration Budget Cuts in the Alabama Community College System, Responding to Proration: The University of North Alabama Experience

Winter 2008 Fresh-members of House and Senate; Competitiveness of Alabama Legislative Seats; A Comparison of Alabama Legislators' Compensation, Benefits, and Staffing, Fresh-members 2007

Fall 2008 State Reading and Math Test Results, Spring 2008

Summer 2008 Jefferson County SMART Budgeting, GASB Statement No. 53 May Bring Greater Transparency to Municipal Derivatives by Steve Waters, School Sales Tax Study, Mobile County Dropout Study, Task Force on the Alabama Community College System, Projects Under Way This Fall

Spring 2008 Municipal Bond Market Update, Public Attitudes Regarding the Alabama Legislature: PARCA Poll Results

Winter 2007 The PARCA Annual Meeting: Ethics and Accountability Issues Discussed, An Idea Whose Time Has Come: From the PARCA Version to an Official Recompilation of the Alabama Constitution, Issues Related to Alabama's "Bid Law" for Procurement of Goods and Service, PARCA to Assist Commission on Girls & Women in the Criminal Justice System

Fall 2007 Opportunities to Attack Poverty in Alabama, Jefferson County Becomes First Local Government to Adopt SMART Planning, PARCA Completes Literacy Council Funding Analysis, PARCA Annual Meeting Set for January 23, 2008; focus on legislative services

Summer 2007 State Reading and Math Test Results, Spring 2006; PARCA's Work on Implementing Amendment 778 Wins National Award; PARCA Observes 2007 Legislative Sessions from a "Fresh" Perspective; PARCA's Analysis of Data on Nonprofit Organizations in Alabama

Spring 2007 PARCA Provides the Baseline for Implementing Constitutional Amendment 778, PARCA Prepares a Compensation Study for Regional Planning Commissions, PARCA Hosts Local Acts for Counties, Statewide Amendment 1 on the June 5th Ballot, Statewide Amendment 2 on the June 5th Ballot

Winter 2005-06 Thinking About the State Budget from a Long-term Perspective, Improving Local Government in Alabama's Metropolitan Areas

Fall 2006 How Alabama's Taxes Compare

Summer 2006 Looking at the Foundation Program for Financing Alabama's Public Schools, PARCA Moves into New Office Space, Joe Adams Joins the Research Staff, PARCA Assists in Start-Up of East Alabama Cooperative Purchasing Association, PARCA Joins Leadership Alabama, Alabama Public TV, and the Alabama Press Association to Host Televised Candidate Debates on October 30

Spring 2006 Staffing the Shelby County Sheriff's Office, How Alabama's Roads and Bridges Compare, Comparing the Finances of Alabama Cities, How Alabama Ranks on the "Camelot Index"

Winter 2005 Improving Local Government in Alabama's Metropolitan Areas

Summer 2005 PARCA to Co-host "Get SMART!" Event on October 26, PARCA Continues to Support Development of the SMART Governing Initiative; PARCA Wins Two National Awards from the Governmental Research Association; Federal Statistics Shed Light on Alabama's Economic Progress and Demographic Issues; Alabama Reading Test Results Show Improvements from 2004 to 2005, But School System Results Vary

Spring 2005 Community Counts report sparks interest in regional improvements, PARCA presents an administrative analysis to the Huntsville City School Board, PARCA evaluates the budget model of the UAB School of Public Health, SMART planning activities focus on state agency strategies for FY 2007, Overall, Alabama has the nation's lowest property taxes. How do you fare?, Alabama's income tax hits the poor hardest, PARCA traces school property tax authorizations, Stephanie Clanton joins the PARCA staff as a full-time research assistant, Want to receive the PARCA Quarterly by e-mail? Send your e-mail address

Winter 2004 PARCA staff works to complete challenging 2004 research agenda, PARCA’s “SMART Budgeting” work to continue in 2005, “Spin-offs” from 2004 research, PARCA to publish comparative data on income and property taxes, Census Bureau study shows how Alabama’s taxes compare, Where Alabama ranks on public school teacher salaries

Summer 2004 PARCA helps the State of Alabama develop “SMART Budgeting” Methodology, PARCA study to develop community indicators for the Greater Birmingham area, Huntsville City School Board asks PARCA to analyze administrative operations, PARCA staff developing database of authorizations for local school taxes, PARCA Roundtable discusses “fulfilling the promise of Brown v. Board of Education”, Recent additions to the PARCA website

Spring 2004 Accountability Requires a Better State Budget, How Alabama’s Business Taxes Compare Working with the Governor’s Task Force to Strengthen Alabama’s Families, The Quality and Cost of Alabama’s Roads

Winter 2003-04 Reform was the key state issue in 2003, Reform remains an issue in 2004, PARCA office developments, Summary Recommendations of the Governor’s Education Spending Commission, Summary Recommendations of the Business Council of Alabama Task Force, Summary Recommendations of the Alabama Citizens’ Constitution Commission

January 2003 How Alabama’s Taxes Compared in 2000, Improving the Ways the State Does Business , A Pilot of PARCA’s Statewide Local Act Database, Focusing on the Bottom Line for State Services Measuring the Payoff from Faculty Teamwork, PARCA Board of Directors for 2003

Summer 2003 PARCA research on state tax and accountability proposals, PARCA’s latest financial comparison of Alabama’s largest cities, Regional attention for PARCA education research, A plan to change the way the state provides mental treatment

Fall 2002 Improving the state constitution, Managing state debt, Improving school performance, Check it out! Information on the PARCA website

Summer 2000 Financial Comparisons for Alabama's Largest Cities

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