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Agency Descriptions

EXAMINERS OF PUBLIC ACCOUNTS Serves as the legislative audit agency and audits all books, records, and accounts of all state and county offices, officials, bureaus, boards, commissions, institutions, departments and agencies, including all state institutions of higher education. Performs auditing services, including EDP audit section and four audit divisions comprised as follows: County Audit Division, which is divided into geographic districts and performs county level audits including county boards of education; State Audit Division, which performs all state level audits; Operational Audit Division, which performs special audits on the operation of various state and local government units at the request of the legislature and its committees; and the Education Audit Division, which is divided into geographic districts and performs audits on all higher education institutions.


ALABAMA LAW INSTITUTE Operates as an arm of the Legislature and works closely with the Legislative Reference Service in the yearly placing of acts passed by the Legislature within the Code of Alabama. Handles major Code revision work, such as revision of an entire section of law. Provides a legal research service for members of the Legislature to supplement the operation of the LRS. Provides law clerks to a number of legislators in major legislative committees. Conducts a Capital Intern Program to bring gifted young persons into state government during the regular session of the Legislature. Conducts legislative orientation every four years for newly elected legislators.  


LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL Provides a continuing committee through which the Legislature remains functional during the interim between sessions. Supervises and directs the Legislative Reference Service and various employees of the House and Senate and meets as the Administrative Procedure Review Committee. Provides membership for various committees of the Council of State Governments and the National Conference of State Legislatures. Provides continuing studies of legislative problems and, from time to time, offers legislation for the consideration of the entire Legislature.


LEGISLATIVE FISCAL OFFICE Provides all committees and members of the Legislature with fiscal information and program evaluations which will assist such committees and members in the discharge of all matters within their jurisdiction.


LEGISLATIVE REFERENCE SERVICE Responds to requests from members of the Legislature for research and bill drafting. Prepares the Index to Acts following each session of the legislature and keep an up-to-date Index of Local Laws. Works with the publisher to maintain the pocket parts of the Code of Alabama 1975 used in continuing Code revision. Publishes the Alabama Administrative Procedure Monthly and the Alabama Administrative Code.


LEGISLATURE The Legislature is one of the three major branches of state government created by the State Constitution. The Legislature is primarily responsible for exercising the lawmaking power of the state. Some of its general powers include the power to tax, make appropriations, propose constitutional amendments, participate in the impeachment process, establish or abolish governmental units and agencies subject to certain constitutional limitations, investigate governmental operations, hold hearings, and create corporate bodies. Unlike most other state agencies, the powers of the Legislature are not specifically listed in the Constitution or Code. Rather, the Constitution assumes that the general lawmaking power rests with the Legislature, and hence, most of the constitutional provisions are in the nature of restrictions on that lawmaking power rather than specific grants of power.


OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT PRO TEM OF THE SENATE Act 99-441 provided for a transfer of appropriated funds from the Legislature to the Office of the President Pro Tempore of the Senate. Section 18 of Act 2002-295 and Section 21 of Act 2003-437 establishes Legislative intent that the funds appropriated to the Office of the President Pro Tempore of the Senate in said acts may be expended for the same purposes as authorized for the Lieutenant Governor in Section 29-4-50 , Code of Alabama 1975, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Section 29-4-60 , Code of Alabama 1975.


OFFICE OF THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE As of October 1, 1997, Act 97-658 provided that the Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall be separate and distinct from the Legislature, any state agency, entity, or official (Code of Alabama 1975, Section 29-4-60). Also effective at that same time, funds were appropriated directly to the Office of the Speaker of the House for its operations. Previously, funds for this purpose had been appropriated to the Legislature.


COURT OF CIVIL APPEALS The Court of Civil Appeals is a Constitutional unit of the Judicial Branch of state government. Our Constitution grants litigants the absolute right to appeal from decisions of the trial courts. As such, the court does not control its work load but works with whatever work load is generated from the trial of civil cases in Alabama .


COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS The Court of Criminal Appeals has exclusive appellate jurisdiction over all appeals in criminal cases, including violation of city ordinances, all appeals from post conviction actions, and original jurisdiction of all extraordinary petitions involving criminal cases. Numerous petitions are filed by inmates, as by attorneys. Title 13A, Code of Alabama 1975, adds offenses to those existing at its effective date, as do the subsequent acts of our legislature. An appeal is mandatory in every capital case where the death penalty is imposed. Rule 28(A)(2), Rules of Juvenile Procedure, provides for appeals to the Court of Criminal Appeals in proceedings in which a child is alleged to be delinquent and in proceedings involving an order transferring a child to an adult court for criminal prosecution. An important factor this year will be the fact that persons who are denied parole by the Board of Pardons and Paroles can seek certiorari review of those actions in the Montgomery Circuit Court and can appeal that judgment to this Court. With the Governor's intensified effort to have 5,000 to 6,000 non-violent inmates released on parole this year, this Court anticipates a substantial increase in the number of these appeals.


JUDICIAL INQUIRY COMMISSION Reviews complaints received against judges of this state, conducts field investigations, and prosecutes cases before the Court of the Judiciary. Provides formal advisory opinions to state judges with questions concerning the ethical propriety of proposed conduct. Provides information regarding the Canons of Judicial Ethics and past advisory opinions to judges, attorneys, and others.


JUDICIAL RETIREMENT FUND Provides retirement benefits for state judges. Maintains individual records for approximately 360 active and 280 retired judges. Active members contribute six percent of their compensation. The state contribution rates, based on actuarial valuations (most recent was September 30, 2002) and increased investment earnings expressed as a percentage of payroll, are as follows: Actual 2002-2003 - 21.19%; Budgeted 2003-2004 - 21.93%; Estimated 2004-2005 - * 21.93%


SUPREME COURT OF ALABAMA Exercises, as the highest court in the state, pursuant to statute, the judicial and rule-making power vested in it by the Constitution. Makes decisions on those cases within its original and appellate jurisdiction; makes and promulgates rules governing the administration of all courts; maintains a program of continuing education for justices and other personnel of the Supreme Court; issues licenses to persons certified by the state bar to practice law in this state; appoints special judges for temporary service as the need arises; formulates policy for radio and television coverage in the courtroom and considers plans submitted by other courts for such coverage; establishes criteria determining the number of judges needed in each circuit and district and certifies its findings and recommendations to the legislature; allows justices to review, modify or amend any administrative decision of the Chief Justice or the Administrative Director of Courts; and exercises general supervision and control over the courts of this state.


SUPREME COURT LIBRARY Acts as the Librarian of the Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeals, and Court of Civil Appeals by statute. Provides security for the Appellate Courts, books and legal materials for all of the justices of the Supreme Court, judges of the Court of Criminal Appeals, and judges of the Court of Civil Appeals.


UNIFIED JUDICIAL SYSTEM Provides for the administration and operation of the circuit and district courts of Alabama . Provides administrative services under the direction of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for the Unified Judicial System, including the development and management of fiscal, personnel, and information systems, as well as the provision of technical, advisory, and supportive services to the state courts pertaining to the improvement of judicial administration.

ACADEMY OF HONOR Honors living Alabamians who have made noteworthy contributions to their state and country. As many as ten new members may be elected each year until total membership reaches 100. Vacancies caused by death of members are filled by election. The expenses involved are coincidental with holding annual installation ceremonies and a luncheon each year for members and their guests.


BOARD OF PUBLIC ACCOUNTANCY Regulates the practice of public accounting so the public interest will be protected. Investigates complaints of substandard work, reviewing financial reports and following up to see that CPAs and PAs are maintaining high professional standards. Requires continuing education of CPAs and PAs. Receives and processes all applications for the CPA examination given semi-annually. Tests, grades, and reports results to the candidates and issues CPA certificates to successful candidates. Receives and processes all applications for the annual registration of CPAs and PAs. Ensures that all CPAs and PAs from other states who are doing business in Alabama are properly registered.


BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT Damage Claims: Hears and considers all claims for damages to either person or property growing out of any injury allegedly caused by the State of Alabama or any of its agencies. Dependents' Claims: Hears and considers all claims for benefits made by surviving dependents of certain peace officers and firemen killed in the line of duty or whose deaths resulted from injury received in the course of their employment and while engaged in the performance of their duties or from a disease defined as an occupational disease.

ALABAMA AGRICULTURAL AND INDUSTRIAL EXHIBIT COMMISSION Awards prizes and premiums to deserving exhibits at the Alabama State Fair in Birmingham and the Alabama National Fair in Montgomery .

ALABAMA AGRICULTURAL MUSEUM BOARD Collects, preserves, and interprets information and materials relating to the history of agriculture in Alabama .


AGRICULTURAL CENTER BOARD Furnishes services and advisory information to livestock breeders and dealers. Receives an annual appropriation for payment of prizes, premiums, and awards with other expenses relating thereto for approximately thirty county and regional agricultural fairs which are held in Alabama each year. Hosts activities primarily for the benefit of livestock and agriculture in Alabama . Provides buildings and premises for non-agriculture activities such as shows in the entertainment field, civic activities, athletic events, and other such activities of public interest.


AGRICULTURAL AND CONSERVATION DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION Administers, coordinates and disburses cost-share grant appropriations through the State Committee Office, as provided by Act No. 86-426, for the financing of soil conservation, water quality improvement, and improved forestry. Encourages the restoration and conservation of soil resources in Alabama .


DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND INDUSTRIES Agricultural Inspection Services: Administers and coordinates the four areas of inspection--biological, animal, agricultural, chemistry, and facilities and issues registrations, permits and licenses. Laboratory Analysis and Disease Control: Examines animals and specimens, offers diagnostic services, and analyzes agricultural commodity samples. Agricultural Development Services: Collects and disseminates unbiased market information, provides live grading services for cattle and hogs, and develops and promotes agricultural industry.


ALABAMA COLLEGE SYSTEM There are 21 community colleges, five technical colleges,  and Athens State University , the System's upper division college. These institutions offer a variety of associate degree and diploma programs, continuing education programs, and economic development programs.


ALABAMA TRUST FUND is an irrevocable, permanent trust fund for the continuing benefit of the state of Alabama and citizens.


ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTROL BOARD Product Management: Manages the flow of liquor after manufacture through retail/wholesale sales. Enforcement: Regulates and controls the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages and tobacco. Administration Services provides auditing, accounting, administration, personnel, and other support services and determines policy.


AMERICAN LEGION AND AUXILIARY SCHOLARSHIPS Supplies needed funds to provide not more than one hundred fifty scholarships ($750 each) for children of Alabama veterans of all wars who are in need. Selects children from applications submitted showing their parent's service record (honorable discharge), student's school record, and character witnesses (3) for the student. Awards money which aids students in the purchase of books and pays part of their fees for a state-supported college or university of their choice. Carefully considers by scholarship committees all applications and selects those most qualified and in most need of financial assistance. ( Alabama Code Sections 16-31-1 through 16-31-4.)


BOARD FOR REGISTRATION OF ARCHITECTS Registers individuals by examination or reciprocity in accordance with the criteria established by the Board and the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB); Regulates architects through law changes, investigations of alleged violations, and education of public officials and architects through publication of a newsletter and an annual roster (which contains the law, rules and regulations, and code for professional conduct).


DEPARTMENT OF ARCHIVES AND HISTORY Ensures the preservation of Alabama 's historical documentation and promotes a better understanding of Alabama 's history.


STATE COUNCIL ON THE ARTS Supports and encourages Alabama artists so as to stimulate an environment where the general public appreciates and participates in the arts. Promotes the arts and related cultural resources, which has a positive impact on economic development, tourism, education, community development, urban revitalization, and basic quality of life.


BOARD OF EXAMINERS OF ASSISTED LIVING ADMINISTRATORS Administers the licensing and regulation of assisted living administrators in Alabama .

ALABAMA ATHLETIC AGENT REGULATORY COMMISSION Regulates those persons representing themselves as athlete agents by requiring those persons to be registered with the commission. Accepts applications from prospective athletic agents, evaluates such application, and grants proper annual registration as approved. Requires each agent to maintain a surety bond. Revokes or suspends registrations if necessary.

ALABAMA BOARD OF ATHLETIC TRAINERS is to provide for the licensure and regulation of athletic trainers, defined as individuals who practice athletic training on an athlete under the direction or referral of a licensed physician.


OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL Legal Advice and Legal Services: Represents the state of Alabama , its officers, agents, and their employees either directly or through an appointed official in all legal matters affecting the operations of the state agencies, departments, boards, and municipalities. Reviews and issues opinions and reports on all general statutes, present and future, and any questions of law connected with the interest of the state. Institutes, investigates, and prosecutes, in the name of the state, all civil actions and other proceedings necessary to protect the rights and interests of the state. Fair Marketing Practices: Represents the consuming public and legitimate business persons of the state, either through legal actions or mediation, against deceptive trade practices.


BOARD OF AUCTIONEERS Screens, tests, and certifies auctioneers and apprentice auctioneers for their knowledge and ability to engage in the auction business.


OFFICE OF STATE AUDITOR Provides a post-audit function and maintains an inventory control of all State-owned non-consumable personal property.


STATE BANKING DEPARTMENT Chartering and Regulating Banks: Provides supervision and regulation of state chartered banks, state chartered trust companies and state chartered savings and loans associations. Licensing and Regulating Finance Companies: Provides enforcement of Alabama laws relating to licensed consumer finance companies and pawnshops and mortgage brokers.


ALABAMA STATE BAR ASSOCIATION The Alabama State Bar is primarily responsible for the licensure and regulation of attorneys for the state of Alabama . The Supreme Court of Alabama , through Rules Governing Admission, Rules of Professional Conduct, Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement, Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Rules, Client Security Fund Rules and Legal Specialization Rules, exercises supervisory authority over the bar. Certain legislative acts also vest the bar with its power.

STATE BUILDING COMMISSION Performs, among other things, the following functions: acquires lands by purchase, condemnation or otherwise; plans buildings and designates the location thereof; plans and provides for the improvement of all property now owned or hereafter acquired by the State or any institution or agency thereof; constructs, repairs, equips, remodels, enlarges, renovates, furnishes, refurbishes, improves and locates such buildings, structures and institutions or agencies as in its judgment shall be necessary; prescribes contract forms and documents for architectural services and construction; promulgates and enforces minimum building standards for all state buildings and facilities, private hotels, schools and motion picture theatres; and reviews designs for handicapped access and fallout shelters.


CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT PREVENTION BOARD Encourages the direct provision of services to prevent child abuse and neglect; provides for voluntary contributions by means of an income tax checkoff; and supervises and controls the use of the assets of the fund.


DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN'S AFFAIRS Coordinates the efforts and programs of state agencies to effectively and efficiently serve children throughout the state. Promotes collaboration among state agencies, develops policies and plans for children and families based on recommendation from local officials and citizens, eliminate duplication of services at both the state and local level, and plan for the efficient use of state resources for children.

ALABAMA CHILDREN'S SERVICES FACILITATION TEAM Helps needy individuals reach their fullest potential; protects neglected children and adults; and encourages independence and self-sufficiency through financial assistance and a broad range of social and protective services.

ALABAMA BOARD OF CHIROPRACTIC EXAMINERS Provides for examination, licensure and regulation of chiropractic doctors.


CHOCCOLOCCO CREEK WATERSHED CONSERVANCY DISTRICT Administers and coordinates activities of the Choccolocco Creek Watershed Project in Calhoun County .

CHOCTAWHATCHEE, PEA, YELLOW RIVERS WATERSHED MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY Protects, manages, monitors, and improves water quantities within the Choctawhatchee-Pea Rivers Watershed basin. Conducts water quality monitoring; collects and catalogs water quality data; coordinates water resource studies; assesses water supply systems; coordinates levee rehabilitation work and flood prevention measures in Elba and Geneva ; operates and maintains a basin-wide flood warning system; assesses the watershed for potential flood-prone areas; presents informational/educational programs; and co-sponsors water resources and water quality demonstration projects.


DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION AND NATURAL RESOURCES Outdoor Recreation Sites And Services: Acquires and preserves natural areas; develops, furnishes, and maintains recreational facilities; and expands the knowledge of the natural environment of the state for the benefit of the public and tourism. Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries: Manages the fish and wildlife resources of the state through freshwater fisheries, wildlife management, enforcement, administration, and fishing and hunting opportunities. Marine Police: Enforces the state's boating laws and regulations; investigates boating accidents; maintains aids to navigation on over 1,000,000 waterway acres of recreational and commercial waterways in the state; and registers and maintains records for approximately 300,000 boats. Marine Resources: Conserves the marine fisheries resources of the state through research, management, and enforcement. State Lands Management: Manages 30,000 acres of school lands, 7,000 acres of swamp and overflow lands, 13,000 acres of unused land, and 600,000 acres of submerged lands, title to all being vested in the state.


STATE LICENSING BOARD FOR GENERAL CONTRACTORS Safeguards life, health, and property and promotes general public welfare by requiring that only properly qualified persons be permitted to engage in general contracting. Requires all contractors of projects of $50,000, except single family dwelling, to be licensed by application and approval after scrutiny by the Board. Reviews the experience record, technical qualifications, and financial responsibility of the applicants. Protects citizens by ensuring that persons allowed to construct both public and private facilities be responsible and qualified to ensure proper responsible completion that would not collapse or otherwise fail, causing the possible loss of life as well as financial loss.


DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS Administrative Services And Logistical Support: Coordinates support systems interrelated with correctional services that provides training of personnel, inmate clothing and food distribution. Institutional Services: Provides basic life-supportive needs and control over offenders sentenced to the Department of Corrections and coordinates housing and security services with offender improvement programs. Correctional Industries: Offers meaningful offender employment and improvement through manufacturing and farming operations.

ALABAMA BOARD OF COSMETOLOGY Regulates the teaching and practice of cosmetology, licensing of persons practicing or instructing in any phase of cosmetology and licensing the salons and schools in which they enroll, practice or instruct. Establishes the curriculums for students in beauty schools and apprentices in beauty salons.

ALABAMA BOARD OF EXAMINERS IN COUNSELING Provides regulation of counselors in private practice in the state of Alabama through a licensure and certification process. Protects the public from unethical practices of licensed professional counselors and insure minimal qualifications of counselors providing services to citizens. Protects the public from others representing themselves to the public as counselors in violation of the Code of Alabama 1975, Volume 18, Title 34, Section 34- 8A-1 through 34-8A-23.

ALABAMA CREDIT UNION ADMINISTRATION Examines state-chartered credit unions at least annually to insure safety of share accounts of members and solvency of the credit union for continued operation. Processes applications for new credit union charters and for the expansion of field memberships from existing credit unions which require an investigative survey to determine the needs of the area of membership to be served. Acts on merger requests. Establishes regulations and policies for credit unions.


CRIME VICTIMS COMPENSATION COMMISSION Financially compensates innocent victims of violent crimes; educates the public; advocates on behalf of victims; trains professionals on issues relating to victims; researches other agencies' policies, procedures and laws and makes recommendations which would improve services to victims; and litigates on behalf of victims.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE INFORMATION CENTER Provides the criminal justice agencies with a comprehensive system for storage and quick retrieval of information vital to the performance of their mission. Serves as the focal point in Alabama for computer interfaces with the National Crime Information Center and the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System, and the International Police Networks.


ALABAMA INSTITUTE FOR DEAF AND BLIND ADULT PROGRAMS is the world's most comprehensive education and rehabilitation system serving adults who are deaf, blind and multidisabled.


ALABAMA INSTITUTE FOR DEAF AND BLIND CHILDREN AND YOUTH PROGRAM is the world's most comprehensive education and rehabilitation system serving children who are deaf, blind and multidisabled.


ALABAMA INSTITUTE FOR DEAF AND BLIND INDUSTRIES FOR THE BLIND is the state's largest employer of people who are blind or visually impaired. With two manufacturing plants and one retail store, we make and distribute many products that are useful in the home and office.

ALABAMA DEVELOPMENT OFFICE Industrial Development: Endeavors to attract new business and industry to the state of Alabama ; encourages and provides assistance in the expansion of existing industries within the state; administers Act 2002-429 which provides venture capital for small technology businesses by using credit against the premium-tax liability of insurance companies. Promotional Development: Promotes the state of Alabama as a location site for the film industry.


BOARD OF EXAMINERS FOR DIETETICS / NUTRITION PRACTICE Administers the licensing and regulation of dietitians and nutritionists in Alabama .


DISTRICT ATTORNEYS Protects the people of Alabama by representing them in the courts of this state and by prosecuting those who have been accused of crimes against this state. Performs other services for the state, counties, and municipalities prescribed by the State Legislature such as the collection of child support and worthless checks and also the prosecution of welfare fraud cases. Provides services to the victims of crime.

ALABAMA DRUG EDUCATION AND AWARENESS OVERSIGHT COUNCIL Establishes and administers a program of grants for drug education and awareness programs.

ALABAMA DRYCLEANING ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSE TRUST FUND The Alabama Drycleaning Environmental Response Trust Fund Advisory Board administers the trust fund as a drycleaning industry self-insurance program for the benefit of those persons electing to be covered by the provisions of Section 22-30D-1 et seq., Code of Alabama, 1975. Those persons covered under this Act may apply for and seek reimbursement for costs associated with investigation, assessment, clean-up, and remediation of contamination caused by drycleaning agents.

ALABAMA DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC AND COMMUNITY AFFAIRS Skills Enhancement and Employment Opportunities: Provides vocational skills training, assessment, job search assistance, and private sector on-the-job training authorized under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA) for the unemployed and economically disadvantaged. Community and Economic Development Division: Serves as the lead Division in the development and management of programs that will support community and economic development and ameliorate the causes of poverty. Law Enforcement Planning and Development: Develops, through effective planning, programs as mandated by Federal laws and guidelines; develops and awards grants to projects approved by the Governor's Advisory Council on Delinquency Prevention, the Bureau Justice, Victims of Crime Act, Anti-Drug Abuse Act, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and Family Violence Programs; and administers funds and monitors active grants for compliance. Energy Management: Provides leadership and assistance to the citizens and organizations of the State of Alabama through the development of science and technology, and the management of energy and coastal resources for economic prosperity. Surplus Property: Screens all property declared excess within the State of Alabama and other property made available by the Federal government through military bases and VA hospitals; makes this property available at a small service charge to public agencies and certain non-profits. Office of Water Resources: Provides for the planning, coordination, development and management of the state's water resources.


STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Administrative Services: Provides for the management, planning, execution, and control of the services to all program areas of elementary and secondary education, disability determination for social security, and the state board of education. Disability Determination for Social Security: Processes applications for disability benefits under Social Security which result in financial benefits to Alabamians.



ALABAMA EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION COMMISSION Network Operations: Provides for the technical operation of the statewide public television network and the microwave system which distributes the signal to the nine stations. News and Public Affairs - Performs all program activities of the AETC generically categorized as news and public affairs. Planning and Development: Responsible for securing non-government funding required for Alabama Educational Television Commission operations. Responsible for fundraising, planning, outreach and promotional activities of Alabama Educational Television Commission. Programming: Provides programming for the nine station public television network including instructional services to Alabama students and adult basic educational programs to Alabama citizens. Public Radio: Operates public radio station WLRH-FM in Huntsville .


BOARD OF ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Screens, tests, and certifies electrical contractors for their knowledge and ability to install electrical wiring in compliance with local, state and national codes.

ALABAMA ELECTRONIC SECURITY BOARD OF LICENSURE Regulates the electronic security interest in Alabama . Monitors residential properties in the state, screens, tests, and certifies persons and companies that are installing monitoring devices.


EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY Readiness And Recovery: Conducts operations for preparedness, response, and recovery for disasters and emergencies. Provides training, program supervision, response, and resource support to 67 counties. Prepares state plan for comprehensive statewide emergency preparedness and response posture that includes all major hazards that threaten lives and property. Develops, coordinates, and maintains statewide RADEF program. Readiness And Recovery – FEMA: Directs and administers federal and state declared disaster response and recovery.


SOUTHERN STATES ENERGY BOARD Improves the economy of the South and contributes to the well-being of the region's people. Assists its members in the creation of programs in the fields of energy, science and technology, environment and related areas of interest. Provides scientific and technical expertise on energy and environmental quality matters to state officials and the general public. Represents the interests of member states and the region as a whole before governmental agencies at all levels by working with other regional groups, organizations and the public and by devising individual state and region-wide programs.


STATE BOARD OF LICENSURE FOR PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS AND LAND SURVEYORS Receives complaints; authorizes and directs investigations; holds hearings; takes disciplinary action against registrants, if warranted; and seeks injunctive action against non-registrants. Receives and processes applications; reviews and denies or approves certifications and/or registration. Examines candidates in the Fundamentals of Engineering, Principles and Practice of Engineering, Fundamentals of Land Surveying, Principles and Practice of Land Surveying, and Alabama Land Surveying History and Law. Receives and processes applications for Renewal of Certification or Registration and renewals of Certificates of Authorization required of companies. Maintains current address and business affiliation file.


DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Regulates pollutants discharged to waters, land, and air and administers grant programs designed to assist municipalities, industries, and the citizens of Alabama in this regard.

ALABAMA ETHICS COMMISSION Prescribes and furnishes disclosure forms to persons subject to the provisions of the Alabama Ethics law. Administers the Ethics law. Provides continuing educational programs on matters of ethics in government service. Disseminates and receives Lobbyists Registration forms and Lobbyist and Principal reporting forms.


GOVERNOR'S OFFICE OF FAITH BASED AND COMMUNITY INITIATIVES Implements and oversees Alabama ’s federally funded AmeriCorps* State Programs. AmeriCorps is the national service program also known as the domestic peace corps established in 1993 by President Clinton and a bipartisan coalition of congressional leaders. Its primary goals are to engage Americans of all ages in community services projects focusing on education, human needs, public safety or the environment; stimulate volunteerism and to develop citizenship. The Office on National and Community Service insures that programmatic and fiscal activities comply with federal requirements and encourages continuous quality improvement through monitoring


FAMILY PRACTICE RURAL HEALTH BOARD Establishes programs to increase the number of family physicians in medically underserved rural areas.


FARMERS' MARKET AUTHORITY Provide markets and market facilities for agricultural commodities. Implement the "Farmers Market Nutrition Program". Coordinate all activities and services within the department as well as with other agencies.


DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE  Fiscal Management: Provides administrative services to other agencies. Manages and controls all matters pertaining to fiscal affairs, except those specifically assigned to other agencies. Provides services relating to the acquisition and control of property and supplies. Keeps all books, records, and accounts relating to the finance of state government which are authorized or required to be kept by the Department of Finance. Provides the initial formulation of budget activity and its execution, revenue estimates, review of appropriation acts and fiscal analysis. Assists the Governor in duties relating to the formulation of the budget, correlating and revising the estimates of revenues and requests for appropriations for all budgeted agencies, and investigating, supervising and coordinating, and assisting with the management problems of the expenditures and other fiscal operations of such agencies. Serves as the primary coordinator for preparation of the statewide cost allocation plan. Administrative Support Services: Ensures the most economical use of master plan for the State's data processing; provides centralized use of equipment and services; provides systems design and programming services; and prepares contract specifications for equipment and services. Provides central support to state agencies for all activities relating to graphic reproduction. Manages and maintains all buildings and property owned by the State in the Capitol complex and pays the related obligations. Rents motor pool vehicles for use on a trip basis for state business, maintains gasoline pumps in the capitol complex for all state vehicles. Provides goods and services to all state agencies in accordance with the competitive bid laws of the State. Provides a central mail service and centralized office and janitorial supplies for state agencies. Provides security and protection for state buildings and employees in the city of Montgomery . Administers insurance programs for the state, including physical losses on buildings and contents, general liability for employees acting in the line and scope of employment, work-related injuries to state employees, and an employees' assistance program.

ALABAMA SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS Offers talented young people, grades 7-12, the opportunity to study creative writing, dance, music, theatre arts, visual arts, mathematics and sciences, and language. Provides theoretical and practical work, which prepares the student to compete professionally or in relation to further formal training as well as a full range of academic courses required of students graduating from any state of Alabama high school.

ALABAMA FIREFIGHTERS' PERSONNEL STANDARDS AND EDUCATION COMMISSION/ALABAMA STATE FIRE COLLEGE - SHELTON STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE is to provide training and certification for the state's career and volunteer emergency service personnel located in all regions of the state, as mandated by the Code of Alabama 36-32-1 through 36-32-12.


FLEXIBLE EMPLOYEES' BENEFIT BOARD Administers the flexible employee benefit plan to include arrangement of flexible employee benefits with selected providers; enrollment of state employees and their eligible dependents when the flexible benefits option is elected; accounting for flexible employee benefit deductions and the payments to providers; and responding to flexible employee benefit questions, complaints and needs of the state employees.


DEPARTMENT OF FORENSIC SCIENCES Provides the Alabama criminal justice system with scientific and medical assistance in the investigation of crimes and deaths in the state of Alabama , which services are extended from 11 forensic laboratories and autopsy facilities. Provides assistance in the areas of pathology, toxicology, firearms and toolmarks, forensic biology, trace evidence, fingerprints, drug chemistry, handwriting and documents, crime scene assistance, and court testimony. Maintains two databases in our four regional laboratories that are connected to national networks, including the DNA profiles of convicted felons and firearms evidence. Serves as the technical leader and statewide manager of DUI enforcement evidence.

ALABAMA STATE BOARD OF REGISTRATION FOR FORESTERS Serves the public and members of the forestry profession by insuring only trained, competent persons are licensed to practice forestry in the state of Alabama .

ALABAMA FORESTRY COMMISSION Administers and coordinates the protection and enhancement of Alabama forests through fire protection, landowner assistance programs, urban forestry, reforestation, forest resource statistics, and forestry investment.


BOARD OF FOREVER WILD TRUST Operates a land acquisition program for acquiring public land to preserve for a wide variety of public uses.


FOREVER WILD TRUST FUND/STEWARDSHIP BOARD Provides for the management and care of the lands acquired by the Forever Wild Trust Program.

ALABAMA BOARD OF FUNERAL SERVICES Provides for the licensing of funeral directors, embalmers and funeral establishments. Provides for the examination of funeral directors and embalmers and sets fees for licenses. Provides for the annual inspection of establishments. Performs investigations regarding violations of Title 34, Chapter 13, Code of Alabama 1975.


GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Provides for the discovery and development of minerals, energy and water resources, geological research and topographic

ALABAMA BOARD OF LICENSURE FOR PROFESSIONAL GEOLOGISTS Protects life, health, safety, public welfare, and the environment through the regulation of the practice of geology in the state.


GOVERNOR'S CONTINGENCY FUND is intended to fund, among other purposes, “the ordinary expenses of the executive department, including but not limited to the expenses of the governor, the governor’s office and staff.”


GOVERNOR'S MANSION AND COASTAL MANSION for the operation and maintenance of the Governor’s mansion and the Governor’s coastal mansion.


GOVERNOR'S MANSION ADVISORY BOARD (1) Supervises the maintenance of the Governor's Mansion and surrounding grounds; (2) approves alterations in the existing structure; (3) insures that the private quarters of the Governor are in good condition; (4) acquires and maintains suitable furnishings for the reception rooms; (5) improves the furnishings of the Governor's Mansion by acquiring gifts of furniture, objects d'art and articles which may have historical value relating to the governors of Alabama and by purchasing same; (6) receives and expends appropriations from the legislature in carrying out the purposes of this article; and (7) keeps a complete list of all gifts and articles received.




GOVERNOR'S OFFICE ON DISABILITY Provides comprehensive information and referral services to individuals across disability categories. Provides comprehensive policy and legislative review and analysis on disability-related matters; promotes consumer education, awareness and involvement in disability policy and services; and promotes general public awareness of both the needs and contributions of people with disabilities.


DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH Public Health Services: Monitors reports of disease; provides screening, tests and examinations to determine existence of disease; provides medication and vaccine to cure or prevent disease; provides preventive health care; protects the healthy from exposure to disease; provides supportive services to help maintain health of citizens of the state; assists in diagnosis of disease; protects citizens by inspection and licensure; coordinates skilled care of patients, assures an environment conducive to good health, promotes lifestyle activities to reduce death and disability, and provides health Children's Health Insurance Program: Provides child health insurance coverage to Alabama 's uninsured children using allocated state funds to access federal dollars from the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Phase I of Alabama 's CHIP expanded Alabama Medicaid Coverage to children ages 14 to 19 years with household income below 100% of the federal poverty level (FPL). Phase II provides health insurance to children above the Medicaid levels (133% FPL for ages 0 to 6 years and 100% FPL for children ages 6 to 19 years). This program called ALL Kids will be a private insurance product provided under contract with private insurance companies ALL Kids will be administered by the State Employees Insurance Board Administrative Services: Supervises and controls any public health work and exercises general control over the enforcement of the laws relating to public health. Exercises supervision and control over county board of health, county health officers, and county quarantine officers in the enforcement of public health laws of the state. Acts as an advisory board to the state in all medical matters and matters of sanitation and public health.


STATE HEALTH PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT AGENCY Accepts and processes Certificate of Need applications seeking approval for new health care facilities for new institutional health services, major medical equipment, and capital expenditures by health care facilities in excess of $4,000,000. In addition the agency collects, processes and maintains a wide range of data on the state health care resources, including facilities, services and health professionals. Prepares and distributes regular and ad hoc reports on data related to health facilities, services and professionals.

ALABAMA HEARING INSTRUMENT DEALERS BOARD Administers the licensing and regulations of hearing instrument dealers in Alabama . Administers the fitter's licensing examination.


BOARD OF HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTORS Screens, tests, bonds and certifies heating and air conditioning contractors for their knowledge and ability to install and/or service and repair heating and air conditioning systems. Maintains records which will show competency to install and/or service and repair heating and air conditioning equipment.

ALABAMA COMMISSION ON HIGHER EDUCATION Planning And Coordination Services: Develops a consolidated appropriations recommendation (unified budget) for all postsecondary education in the state; reviews and approves programs; maintains college and university information system; formulates special studies and policy; develops long-range plans; and regulates off-campus instruction. Student Assistance: Provides scholarship and grant assistance to Alabama residents. Support of Other Educational Activities: Administers the following special state, regional and federal programs: Network of Alabama Academic Libraries Program (NAAL), Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCOR), Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) programs, Alabama University TVA Research Consortium (AUTRC), Alabama Small Business Development Consortium (ASBDC), and Dwight D. Eisenhower Mathematics and Science Program. Alabama Guaranteed Student Loan: Provides financial assistance to Alabama residents by guaranteeing loans.


HISTORIC BLAKELEY AUTHORITY Governs the largest National Register site east of the Mississippi River in the U. S. , approximately 3,800 acres. "This large, magnificently beautiful natural area is a history buff's delight---4 thousand years ago, Blakeley was the site of an Indian civilization--in the 18th century it was the site of a French colonial settlement and the French relocation of the Apalachee Indian Nation--During the early 1800's, Blakeley was a booming waterfront town and the first port of entry for the newly formed State of Alabama . Once larger than Mobile and the first County Seat for Baldwin before two yellow fever epidemics and high land prices wiped the town out---The last major battle of the Civil War was fought along these shores and today Civil War fortifications still wind their way through Blakeley's picturesque woods. Breastworks, remains of earthen forts, old rifle pits, redoubts and battery sites, Indian middens and mounds, archaeological ruins of old streets, businesses and houses dot this beautiful, 3,800 acre National Register site."

ALABAMA HISTORICAL COMMISSION Surveys and maintains inventory of all sites and structures over 50 years old; nominates to the National Register the most important sites and structures while including significant sites on the Alabama Register; maintains environmental review and compliance program where federal funds are involved; reviews and certifies tax act projects; processes federally funded survey, planning, acquisition and development grants; promotes historic preservation; manages mainstreet downtown revitalization programs; and maintains historic properties owned by the commission.


HOME BUILDERS LICENSURE BOARD Licenses and regulates the residential and remodeling industries in the state of Alabama . Licenses most residential contractors and remodelers when the cost of the undertaking exceeds $10,000. Allows an aggrieved party to recover actual or compensatory damages as a result of the conduct of a licensee in violation of the law, Section 34-14a-16. Authorizes county commissions to adopt building laws and ordinance codes which shall apply to the unincorporated areas of the county and to the corporate limits of any municipality upon the consent of their governing body. Provides that county commissions may employ building inspectors and require fees for services to enforce codes. Exempts counties with populations of 30,000 or less from licensure requirements.


HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT SERVICES PROVIDERS BOARD Screens and certifies Home Medical Equipment Services Providers for their ability and knowledge of the services to be provided to the public.


OFFICE OF HOMELAND SECURITY Coordinates the state's effort to prepare for, protect against, respond to, and recover from terrorist attacks within the state of Alabama .


DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES Helps needy individuals reach their fullest potential, protects neglected children and adults, and encourages independence and self-sufficiency through financial assistance and a broad range of social/protective services.


INDIAN AFFAIRS COMMISSION Studies, considers, accumulates, compiles, assembles and disseminates information on any aspect of Indian Affairs; investigates relief needs of Indians of Alabama and provides technical assistance in the preparation of plans for the alleviation of such needs and confers with officials of local, state and federal government agencies concerned with Indian Affairs to encourage and implement coordination of resources to meet the needs of Alabama Indians.


INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY Administers the private activity bond allocation program in a fair and impartial manner. Collects and processes applications for state ceiling allocations, issues state ceiling allocation notices, collects and deposits application fees, collects and processes applications for industrial development grants, and awards industrial development grants.




DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS Employment Security: Administers the Employment Security Law. Industrial Safety And Accident Prevention: Reclaims and restores land and water resources adversely affected by past coal mining; provides for inspection of all types of underground and surface mining operations to assure that safety requirements of state mining laws are carried out; and regulates surface mining for non-fuel minerals. Workers' Compensation: Administers the Workers' Compensation Law and assists claimants, employers, insurance companies, attorneys, judges and others.


STATE EMPLOYEES' INSURANCE BOARD Provides administration of the health insurance programs for state and local government employees to include: (1) arranging health insurance benefits with selected health care providers; (2) enrolling state and local government employees and their eligible dependents when family coverage is elected; (3) accounting for state, local government and individual premiums and the benefit payments for medical claims; (4) contracting for utilization review services to control and manage benefit costs; (5) administering COBRA coverage for terminated employees who elect to continue their health insurance coverage at their own costs; and (6) responding to health insurance questions, complaints and needs of the individuals covered.


INSURANCE DEPARTMENT Investigates suspected arson fires; inspects public buildings and day care centers; issues permits for the installation, repair or maintenance of sprinkler systems; and enforces the fireworks laws. Monitors and regulates insurers operating in Alabama . Licenses legal service insurers and agents and licenses. Examines companies to determine financial condition, operating practices, and premium tax verification. Conducts examinations of prospective agent applicants and collects license fees for all licensed agents, and maintains records. Audits premium tax statements and collects all premium taxes and license fees for companies licensed in the state.


BOARD OF REGISTRATION FOR INTERIOR DESIGN Provides for the registration of qualified persons as interior designers, examination of applicants and renewals.

ALABAMA LICENSURE BOARD OF INTERPRETERS AND TRANSLITERATORS Screens, tests and licenses interpreters and transliterators for their knowledge and ability to interpret and translate for the deaf in compliance with local, state and national requirements.


DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Administers Alabama labor relations activities through mediation and conciliation, wage collection, regulation of labor organizations, collection of filing fees, and compilation of occupational safety and health statistics and enforcing the Child Labor Laws.


BOARD OF EXAMINERS OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS Provides control over registration of landscape architects in the state of Alabama either by reciprocity procedure or examination; administers the national CLARB examination; and handles disciplinary actions against those who are practicing without being licensed.

ALABAMA PUBLIC LIBRARY SERVICE Provides direction and control of programs and policies affecting public libraries throughout Alabama and provides financial, technical and operational assistance to such libraries.


OFFICE OF THE LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR The Lieutenant Governor by statute serves as President and presiding officer of the Senate. The Lieutenant Governor also serves on boards and commissions; makes appointments of Senators and citizens to boards and commissions created by legislative act; communicates with the general public and participates in a leadership role in the administration of state government.


LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS BOARD Provides for safety control of the transporting, handling and storage of liquefied petroleum gases and the accuracy of meter and safety devices. Administers the Gas Motor Fuel Fee Tax Law.

ALABAMA PUBLIC LIVESTOCK MARKET BOARD Grants public livestock market charters to qualified applicants. Stimulates and stabilizes the livestock economy of this state. This shall be accomplished by encouraging the development and productive operation by public livestock marketing business as a key industry in this state.


MANUFACTURED HOUSING COMMISSION Regulates the construction of modular and manufactured homes in the state of Alabama .


MARINE ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES CONSORTIUM/DAUPHIN ISLAND SEA LAB The Consortium serves DISL members, both public and private. Over the years, the scope has expanded tremendously, adding on to its educational programs, broadening its research scope, and providing a public aquarium that focuses solely on the native eco-systems of the Mobile Bay estuary.  


MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPY BOARD Screens, tests, and certifies marriage therapists for their knowledge and ability to counsel patients in marriage and family counseling in compliance with local, state and national requirements.

ALABAMA BOARD OF MASSAGE THERAPY Administers the licensing and regulation of massage therapists in Alabama .

ALABAMA SCHOOL OF MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE Prepares educational opportunities for students and teachers designed to increase interest in the areas of mathematics and science. Serves high school students who are talented in both mathematics and science by providing a challenging and intellectually stimulating education. Provides educational services to other schools, business community members, and non-profit organizations (e.g. YMCA). Presents summer programs for elementary students and students in grades 7-10 from throughout Alabama .


ALABAMA MEDICAID AGENCY or being cared for in the home environment. or who are mentally ill. Provides for a managed care and case management program that was instituted in FY1997-98. Family Planning: Provides medical treatment and counseling for Medicaid eligibles for family planning. Mental Health Programs: Provides intermediate care nursing home services and day care service to patients who are mentally retarded Health Insurance: Provides payment for Part A and Part B Medicare buy-ins, QMB and catastrophic insurance. Provides for payment of Medicare Part A and Part B deductible and co-insurance. Health Support: Provides service on referral basis for dental, hearing, eyeglasses, lab and x-ray. federally qualified health centers and family planning clinics. Pharmaceutical: Provides drugs for the treatment of illness as prescribed by a physician. Alternative Care: Provides home health care, durable medical equipment, and waivered services to eligible recipients. General Administration: Contains all administrative costs associated with operations of the programs. Nursing Home Care: Provides recuperative and rehabilitative care to persons not medically capable of maintaining themselves Hospital Care: Provides service in general hospitals on both an in-patient and out-patient basis, treatment at ambulatory surgical centers, rural health clinics, Physician Care: Provides payment for physician services.


DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH AND MENTAL RETARDATION Mental Illness: Provides intensive psychiatric services, longer-term treatment, long-term care and adjustment services. Mental Retardation: Provides comprehensive services and training to mentally retarded residents to enable them to achieve their fullest potential. Substance Abuse: Plans, organizes and directs the development and maintenance of a service delivery system composed of all state and federally funded substance abuse treatment services and certain prevention and early intervention activities.


MILITARY DEPARTMENT Prepares and supports the Alabama National Guard to perform its federal mission to augment our active forces in time of national emergency and to provide a qualified force to aid state and civil authorities in the protection of life, property and preservation of peace, order and public safety. Ensures the provision of adequate logistical support and provides direction and monitorship over the use of all federal funds allotted by the National Guard Bureau.

ALABAMA BOARD OF NURSING Provides control over nursing education programs, licensing nurses, and nursing practice.


BOARD OF EXAMINERS OF NURSING HOME ADMINISTRATORS Ascertains that all nursing homes in the state are administered by a licensed administrator; enforces standards that are prerequisite to licensure; administers appropriate examinations and issues licenses to qualified persons; receives, investigates and appropriates action with regard to any charge or complaint lodged against a licensed administrator; conducts disciplinary proceedings; conducts a continuing study and investigation of nursing homes and administrators with a view to the improvement of the standards imposed for the licensing of such administrators; approves various educational programs for continuing education credits; and renews licenses of licensed administrators.


BOARD OF OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Licenses occupational therapists and assistants in the state. Screens all applicants' credentials, examines those admitted, and licenses those who meet the qualifications. Collects application, license, and renewal fees.


OIL AND GAS BOARD Manages and regulates oil and gas exploration and development.


ONSITE WASTEWATER BOARD To administer and enforce the licensing regulations for persons in the onsite wastewater industry in the State of Alabama , to include the installation of septic tanks, the pumping of septic tanks and grease traps, and the manufacturing of tanks.




BOARD OF PARDONS AND PAROLES Administers a probation and parole system. Prescribes the conditions of parole and determines whether a parolee who has violated any of these conditions should be revoked or continued on parole. Provides probation services for those courts having probationary powers. Grants pardons with restoration of civil and political rights to those persons who have shown evidence of rehabilitation and the ability to live as good citizens. Maintains 55 field offices to provide services to the courts and immediate supervision to offenders released on probation and parole.

ALABAMA PEACE OFFICERS' ANNUITY AND BENEFIT FUND Provides disability, death and retirement benefits to law enforcement officers who participate in the fund, the cost of which is presently in excess of $4,164,360 annually and is continuing to grow.

ALABAMA PEACE OFFICERS' STANDARDS AND TRAINING COMMISSION Establishes the criteria for the recruitment, selection, and training of law enforcement officers in the state of Alabama .


PENNY TRUST FUND was established to promote the public health and the public schools. Citizens may make voluntary donations to the penny trust fund. All donations and funds received shall be held in perpetual trust and shall not be subject to legislative appropriation or otherwise expended.


STATE PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT Provides support for at least twelve monthly meetings of the State Personnel Board; receives and reviews applications for examination; validates written tests; constructs tests and arranges to administer them; grades tests and applications and sets up eligible registers; maintains classification and pay plans; certifies eligibles to vacancies and resulting appointments; maintains records; verifies and approves personnel transactions; provides technical assistance to counties and cities in such things as development of classification and pay plans when personnel management systems are installed; and is responsible for due process disciplinary hearings.


GOVERNOR'S COMMISSION ON PHYSICAL FITNESS Administers functions and programs to promote, improve and protect the physical fitness of the residents of Alabama , meaning good or improved habits and programs relating to recreation, exercise, sports and use of leisure time. Maintains liaison with the State Department of Education, local boards of education, private/parochial schools, and physical fitness groups within the various governmental subdivisions of the state, as well as comparable agencies in other states and in the federal government. Consults with and advises these groups about programs of physical fitness and collects, assembles, and disseminates information by publication, advertisement, conferences, workshops, programs, lectures, and other means. Serves as a catalyst to obtain the support of professionals, citizen volunteers, nationally known experts, celebrities, the news media, public and private agencies and facilities, special grants and in-kind services, which has generated approximately $2,000,000 in value.


BOARD OF PHYSICAL THERAPY Licenses physical therapists/physical therapist assistants, enforces the law governing the practice of physical therapy.


PLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS EXAMINING BOARD Certifies, through examination, the competency of persons engaged in plumbing, natural gas fitting or medical gas fitting. Maintains an inspection and investigation program to make sure unauthorized persons are not engaged in these trades in violation of Code of Alabama 1975, Sections 34-37-1 through 34-37-18. Provides for the protection of public health, safety and welfare by issuing, for inspection, certificates of competency to those making passing grades and renewing those annually.


BOARD OF POLYGRAPH EXAMINERS Provides for the testing and licensing of persons who use instrumentation or mechanical devices to test or question a subject for the purpose of detecting or verifying truth of statements.

ALABAMA STATE PORT AUTHORITY Title 33 of the Code Of Alabama gives Alabama State Port Authority the responsibility of acquiring, constructing, operating and promoting the deep-water seaport at Mobile and inland ports along the navigable waterways of the state of Alabama . The Port Authority is required by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, the Governmental Accounting Standards Board, the Governmental Finance Officers Association and the Department of Examiners of Public Accounts to use Enterprise Fund Accounting Standards for its financial reporting. This system is a full accrual, profit center oriented system rather than a cash basis object code system. Therefore, the entire financial reporting system is incompatible with the governmental accounting system based upon a receipts and expenditure basis of accounting. The appropriation request of $3.5 million dollars for the 2004-2005 year is conditional, contingent upon the availability of funds and upon the financial needs of the department. This conditional appropriation is considered very important by the bond rating agencies and the bond investment community. Therefore, we respectfully request the inclusion of this request in the budget.


POSTSECONDARY EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Serves as the central administrative agency for the operations of The Alabama College System consisting of the 21 community, 5 technical colleges, 1 senior college, a training institute, the fire college, the CITY program and 3 skills centers.


POSTSECONDARY EDUCATION DEPARTMENT - ALABAMA SKILLS TRAINING CONSORTIA The Alabama College System maintains three primary Skills Training Consortia which serve the northern, central and southern portions of the state as leaders and innovators in the design and implementation of new short-term employment and training programs. Many of these programs serve economically disadvantaged youth and adults, as well as unemployed workers. The Skills Training Consortia also handle a variety of training efforts associated with the Office of Children's Affairs, and staff the Career Link facilities across the state.


OFFICE OF PROSECUTION SERVICES Administers and coordinates the services of all District Attorneys in the state of Alabama .

ALABAMA STATE BOARD OF PROSTHETISTS AND ORTHOTISTS Regulates and licenses persons administering prosthetic and orthotic care and orthotic suppliers.


BOARD OF EXAMINERS IN PSYCHOLOGY Licenses psychologists and psychological technicians in the state. Screens all applicants' credentials, examines those admitted, and licenses those who meet the qualifications. Collects application and renewal fees, and fees for rosters and other publications. Regulates the practice of psychology so as to protect the public from unscrupulous practitioners or individuals engaged in unauthorized practice.


PUBLIC EDUCATION EMPLOYEES' HEALTH INSURANCE BOARD Provides a uniform health insurance plan for employees and retired employees of state educational institutions which provide instruction at any combination of grades K-14 under the auspices of the State Board of Education and employees of the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind, the High School for Math and Science, the School of Fine Arts , Athens State College, and any university that has elected coverage, currently only Jacksonville State University . Provides for funding of retired employees' health insurance benefits in the same proportion to total benefits as those provided to active employees (Act 84-284).


DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY Police Services: Provides for the security of all citizens through police operations, traffic safety programs and criminal investigations that involve activities required to identify the perpetrators of criminal acts, locating the subjects and gathering the necessary facts to prove the guilt or innocence of the accused through the use of investigative procedures. Public Safety Support Services: Provides logistic support services essential to the various public safety programs and other governmental agencies in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. Provides library services and administration for the Alabama Criminal Justice Training Center . Administrative Services: Provides for the administration and coordination of the administrative activities of the major program areas of the Department of Public Safety and enforces laws pertaining to driver licenses.


PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION Determines proper level of regulatory rates and tariffs, analyzes all tariffs filed, and assists companies in their preparation. Controls all transportation activities relating to rates, services, facilities, safety, enforcement and licensing. Administers federal railroad administration program. Monitors gas pipeline safety. Conducts public hearings on applications, petitions and complaints relative to rates and services of public transportation and utilities in the state. Plans, coordinates and directs fiscal and administrative services for the Commission. Resolves consumer complaints. Receives and processes formal applications to Commission. Certifies official orders and directives of the Commission.


REAL ESTATE APPRAISERS BOARD Licenses and certifies real estate appraisers in Alabama ; disseminates applications and information regarding requirements for licensure and certification; processes applications; administers exams; issues licenses and certificates; receives and investigates letters of complaint and determines if sufficient reason exists for probable cause to issue a summons and complaint for determination of disciplinary action, if any; and reviews and approves education courses and instructors for required appraisal education.


REAL ESTATE COMMISSION Enforces standards that are prerequisite to licensure; administers appropriate examinations and issues licenses to qualified persons; receives, investigates and appropriates actions with regard to any charge or complaint lodged against any licensee or instructor; conducts disciplinary proceedings; approves educational courses for continuing education credits; issues original, renewal, and transfer licenses; and collects fees for fines, law books, and lists.


DEPARTMENT OF REHABILITATION SERVICES Provides various services to identify, evaluate, prevent, correct or alleviate the problems of handicapped individuals.


EMPLOYEES' RETIREMENT SYSTEM Provides retirement benefits for state employees, state law enforcement and on a unit voluntary basis, employees of local governments in Alabama . Provides through the Board of Control administration of the System and the Judicial Retirement Fund. Maintains individual records on all members and regularly posts the creditable service and contributions accruing thereto. Active members presently contribute five percent of their compensation (ten percent for law enforcement). The most recent valuation of the System was performed by the actuary on September 30, 2002 . In accordance with governing statutes, the actuary annually determines whether the employer contributions are providing sufficient amounts to meet the accruing liabilities for the System or if adjustments based on actuarial experience are necessary to maintain an actuarially sound condition. The ERS valuations are now based on market related asset values. Therefore general market fluctuations will have an impact on future valuations and employer cost rates. The actuary based on the latest valuation and cost-of-living- adjustments established rates expressed as a percentage of active payroll.


TEACHERS' RETIREMENT SYSTEM Provides retirement benefits for teachers and all other employees in public education in Alabama . Provides through the Board of Control administration of the total system. Maintains individual records on all members and regularly records creditable service and contributions accruing thereto.


DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE required by the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act and reviews existing rules and regulations of the Department as required by this act. Administers the criminal tax laws of the Revenue Code and investigates, reports, and prosecutes violations. Administers the T.V.A. In-Lieu-of-Taxes program. Administers the statewide ad valorem reappraisal program; supervises the various county boards of equalization; and administers deeds and assignment tax laws. Administers the majority of utilities and corporation associated taxes and maintains information files on all corporations operating in Alabama . Administers individual and corporate income taxes, financial institutional excise tax, withholding income taxes, estate tax. Supervises the manufacture, warehousing, distribution and sale of license plates; administers the International Registration Plan; supervises the staggered registration system; and administers the Alabama Uniform Certificate of Title and Antitheft Act. Administers sales and use tax programs for the state and 213 local governments. Handles all sales and use tax contact with the taxpayer through eight field offices and the Foreign Audit Division. Provides the audit function to assure taxpayer compliance. Administers the collection of all types of delinquent taxes. Performs statistical analysis reviews involving revenue/tax-related trends, and collection patterns and other related matters, serves as legislative liaison, and handles nonmedia-related information inquiries, surveys, etc. required by the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act and reviews existing rules and regulations of the Department as required by this act. Administers the criminal tax laws of the Revenue Code and investigates, reports, and prosecutes violations. Administers the T.V.A. In-Lieu-of-Taxes program.


OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE Provides overall management for the office including contact with public, state, county, and city offices relating to all documents filed with this office. Serves as secretary of the Board of Adjustment and keeps records for this board. Certifies elections and performs various functions for boards of registrars. Receives and records all corporations that do business within the state. Receives and registers all land records and trademarks for the state. Handles all work related to the laws for uniform commercial codes.


SECURITIES COMMISSION Processes the registration of dealers, agents, investment advisers, investment adviser representatives, and all securities to be offered for sale in Alabama .


DEPARTMENT OF SENIOR SERVICES Administers programs through grants and contracts funded by the Older Americans Act of 1965. Provides home and community-based services to Medicaid-eligible recipients. Provide economic assistance for Medicaid waivered services.

ALABAMA SICKLE CELL OVERSIGHT/REGULATORY COMMISSION Insures the delivery of sickle cell services to affected persons in all counties in Alabama and assists in establishing geographical service delivery boundaries. Promulgates guidelines for creating uniformity in the delivery of services and the management of state-wide programs. Serves as the central administrative agency for all state-funded sickle cell programs.

ALABAMA BOARD OF SOCIAL WORK EXAMINERS Licenses and regulates social workers at three levels of licensure and one level for private practice certification. Protects the public by setting standards of qualifications, education, training, and experience for those who seek to engage in the practice of social work, promoting continuing education for practice enhancement, and requiring ethical conduct as prescribed in the Code of Ethics for social workers.


SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION COMMITTEE Exercises a broad range of powers, duties, and functions associated with soil and water and other natural resource conservation and management. Offers assistance, facilitates an information exchange, coordinates programs, fosters cooperation, and disseminates information throughout the entire state to the various 335 district supervisors, which make up the 67 soil and water conservation districts statewide, and the various federal, state, and local agencies and groups involved in soil and water conservation activities.


SOUTHERN GROWTH POLICIES BOARD Creates strategies for economic development that recognize regional strengths and opportunities; develops a statement of regional objectives; collects and disseminates regional economic development information to public and private-sector leaders; provides a forum for discussion of economic development issues affecting the region.


SPACE SCIENCE EXHIBIT COMMISSION Operates the U.S. Space Camp/Space Academy by the U.S. Space and Rocket Center 's Educational Division. Provides sound program structure and curriculum materials which enhance and extend the science and math education trainees normally receive in school. Offers programs such as Space Camp for students in grades 4-6, a five-day program including the history of space exploration and simulated space shuttle missions; Aviation Challenge for students in grades 7-11, which includes land and water survival training and basic training in high-performance jet simulators; Space Academy for grades 10-12 and college freshmen, an eight-day program which allows trainees to experience in-depth training similar to that received by NASA flight crews and ground teams; three-day weekend programs for adults, corporate groups, congressional delegations (state and national), media and military; Space Academy for educators, which is a five-day program offered in the summer to help teachers with curriculum and space science experiments for classroom use; and 4-H mini-camps. Immerses students in a high-technology environment and challenges them to yield discoveries about space and aviation technology. Teaches teamwork, leadership and decision making skills to Space Camp/Space Academy and Aviation Challenge trainees as they use astronaut training simulators or high-fidelity jet flight simulators. Provides college credit through UAH for participants in the advanced program (Space Academy Level II) and three hours of graduate level credit in science or education through UAH for the Educator's Space Orientation course. Increases the number of science/math/engineering classes taken by college students and increases awareness of career options. Provides exhibits and displays for the general public, students and specialized groups from throughout the United States and from foreign countries.


BOARD OF EXAMINERS FOR SPEECH PATHOLOGY AND AUDIOLOGY Regulates the practice of speech pathology and audiology as per the Code of Alabama 1975, Section 34-28A-1, et seq. Includes granting of licenses to qualified applicants, registration of the individuals in clinical fellowship, providing programs of continuing education to licensed speech pathologists and audiologists, and investigating complaints regarding individuals who are not in compliance with the above named section of the Code.

ALABAMA SUPERCOMPUTER AUTHORITY Operates a dedicated high-speed data network which connects Alabama universities and K-12 schools to Internet, the Information Superhighway, and to the Authority’s supercomputer center in Huntsville .


SURFACE MINING COMMISSION Regulates the surface mining of coal and the surface effects of underground mining in the state by authority of Act 81-435, 1981 Regular Session, and Act 86-106, 1986 Regular Session.


TENNESSEE-TOMBIGBEE WATERWAY DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY Devotes its resources toward promoting and marketing the Tenn-Tom and its economic and transportation benefits. Assists states, local communities, and private business in carrying out plans for development of the waterway without duplicating their efforts or responsibilities. Works closely with the federal agencies and Congress to ensure that the waterway is properly operated and maintained, which will cost about $20 million annually in federal funds.


STATE TENURE COMMISSION Protects the rights of tenured teachers and preserves for them a certain degree of academic freedom and freedom from harassment that is sometimes caused by intra-community political conflict; and at the same time, reserves to local authorities through the local county and city boards, and local school officials, such as school trustees, school principals and school superintendents, proper authority within the area of their particular functioning.


BUREAU OF TOURISM AND TRAVEL Promotes Alabama as a travel and tourism destination through national advertising, public relations with one-on-one selling at travel shows and within state selling at Alabama welcome centers.


DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Other Equipment Purchases - Records the purchases of various pieces of general equipment with a value of $500 or more and a useful life of one year or more. Department Transfers - Transfers to Public Safety for traffic law enforcement equipment purchases. Aeronautics Administration - provides for the development, regulation, inspection, and licensing of airports and heliports in Alabama ; provides engineering aid to airports and heliports, aeronautical aid to pilots, aircraft owners, and others interested in aviation; and promotes aviation and flying safety in the State of Alabama . Road Machinery and Equipment Purchases - Records the purchases of additions to the Department's Equipment Revolving and Replacement program. Rural Access Program - This program records the construction and maintenance activities on county roadways funded through motor fuel tax growth. Funding for this program has not been realized as anticipated. Maintenance - The objective of the State Maintenance program is to preserve the investment made in existing highway facilities, to provide continuing adequate levels of safety and convenience to highway users, and to conserve and protect the aesthetic and ecological features of the environment. Federal Aid Construction - Administer all Federal Aid Highway Funds made available to the State of Alabama . In meeting the overall objectives, funds are received for preliminary engineering, right of way acquisition, and construction. Division and District Supervision - Supports the total construction and maintenance activities of the department through various overhead functions within the nine geographic divisions of the department. The General Office Administration - Supports the total construction and maintenance activities of the department through various overhead function within the central office facilities in Montgomery . Operations and Support Services - Consists of undistributed costs which are necessary for the department to function but not specifically related to another program function. Includes the cost of official state maps, insurance coverage for buildings, telephone cost, UPS freight, manufacture of tags and decals, transfer to the Revenue Department for administrative expense of the Motor Vehicle License Division, transfer to the State Personnel Department for personnel services and the salary support of qualified county engineers. Construction-Federal Aid Programs - Administers all Federal Aid Highway Funds made available to the State of Alabama , using those funds for preliminary engineering in planning and design and for right-of-way and for construction. Construction-State Programs - Administers all state highway funds made available by the State Legislature, which will be used to construct projects which are not included in the Federal Aid Program. Captive County Health Insurance - Records the payments for health insurance for former Highway Department employees who went to work for the former captive counties after their release. Debt Service - Accumulates the cost of amortization of bond issues of the department.


STATE TREASURER Makes such reports as are required by the Constitution and gives information in writing to the Legislature or to the Governor when required. Receives all revenue due the state, verifies, endorses and microfilms all items and deposits in the various depositories. Takes all revenues and receipts, posts and maintains records of same and maintains records of all expenditures of public moneys. Performs the functions and duties now authorized by law with respect to state depositories, including the execution of contracts with each depository; verification and safekeeping of securities securing each deposit; daily review and analysis of deposit balances with any available access funds being invested; monthly billing of interest on time deposits; opening accounts and posting and performing monthly reconciling of Treasurer's depository balances. Pays all warrants duly executed by the State Comptroller upon determination that there is sufficient money for the payment thereof; processes and maintains custody of warrants according to statutory requirements; furnishes list of outstanding warrants monthly to State Comptroller, as required by law and implements any necessary changes. Maintains custody of and keep and other securities required by law to be deposited with the Treasurer by any bank, trust company, insurance company, highway contractor or other person or corporation. Distributes monthly gasoline tax receipts to cities and counties. Administers the Wallace Linked Deposit Program, Wallace-Folsom Prepaid Affordable College Tuition Program, Unclaimed Property Program, and the SAFE Program.


COMMISSION ON UNIFORM STATE LAWS Meets annually with the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws to develop model and uniform acts for adoption in the various state legislatures.


DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Provides professional veterans affairs assistance throughout the state's 78 offices to the 458,000 living veterans and their dependents plus thousands of survivors. Administers the Alabama G.I. And Dependents Educational Benefits Act. Oversees the operations of the Bill Nichols, William F. Green, and Floyd E. Fann State Veterans Nursing Homes.


BOARD OF VETERINARY MEDICAL EXAMINERS Administers all activities pertaining to the licensing and regulation of veterinarians and veterinary technicians in Alabama .

ALABAMA WOMEN'S COMMISSION Acts as a networking resource for constituents, conducts public hearings on issues of interest to women, monitors legislation of particular concern to women, presents testimony at public hearings, and provides focus on issues affecting women. Maintains an office that includes a resource library with reference materials from other states and federal agencies and handles complaints or requests from women who need advice or referral on such subjects as day care, displaced homemakers, battered spouses, employment problems, legal rights, and child support/custody.


DEPARTMENT OF YOUTH SERVICES Youth Services: Provides comprehensive and coordinated statewide services and programs for the prevention of juvenile delinquency and the rehabilitation of delinquent youth. Youth Services Boot Camp: Provides financial assistance for community-operated boot camp programs to serve as an alternative for commitment to DYS. Youth Services School District : Provides education services for the youth committed by the juvenile courts to the Department of Youth Services. Provides education services for youth placed in other community-based educational programs.

ALABAMA NETWORK OF CHILDREN'S ADVOCACY CENTERS Supports a coalition of 24 child advocacy centers located across Alabama . Which provide a neutral, home-like setting where child victims of sexual and serious physical abuse may receive a wide range of services.

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